“The Franchise, Policing, and Race: Evidence from Arrests Data and the Voting Rights Act" (2020) with Brian Knight and Cecilia Testa, CEPR DP 14946 and NBER WP 27463, featured in a VOXEU column

“Immigrant franchise and immigration policy: Evidence from the progressive era” (2020) with Costanza Biavaschi, CEPR DP 14684, IZA DP 13195

Race, Representation and Local Governments in the US South: The Effect of the Voting Rights Act” (2018) with Andrea Bernini and Cecilia Testa, CEPR DP 12774, Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Political Economy

“The political economy of preferential trading arrangements: An empirical investigation" (2017) with Peri Silva and Gerald Willmann, mimeo, Revise and Resubmit at the Economic Journal 

Countering Public Opposition to Immigration: The Impact of Information Campaigns” (2016) with Yotam Margalit and Hiroyuki Nakata, CEPR DP 11709

"Are political and economic integration intertwined?" (2019) with Bernt Bratsberg, Tommaso Frattini and Anna Rosso, CEPR DP 14041

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