"A man who is a mathematician and nothing but a mathematician may live a stunted life, but he does not do any harm. An economist who is nothing but an economist is a danger to his neighbors. Economics is not a thing in itself; it is a study of one aspect of the life of a man in a society... Modern economics is subject to a real danger of Machiavellism- the treatment of social problems as matters of technique, not as facets of the general search for Good Life."

- Sir John Hicks (1941) -

Refereed Journal Publications

The rhetoric of closed borders: quotas, lax enforcement and illegal immigration” (2020) with Cecilia Testa, forthcoming at the Journal of International Economics

The political economy of trade and migration: Evidence from the US Congress” (2019) with Paola Conconi, Max Steinhardt and Maurizio Zanardi, Economics and Politics 32 (2020): 250-278

Academic Salaries and Public Evaluation of University Research: Evidence from the UK Research Excellence Framework” (2019) with G. De Fraja and J. Gathergood, Economic Policy 34 (2019): 523-583

China's "Great Migration": The impact of the reduction in trade policy uncertainty” (2019) with Maggie Y. Liu, Anna Maria Mayda and Minghai Zhou, Journal of International Economics 120 (2019): 126-144

Coercive Trade Policy (2019) with Vincent Anesi, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 11 (2019): 225-256

South-South migration and the labor market: Evidence from South Africa” with Costanza Biavaschi, Anna Maria Mayda and Mariapia Mendola, Journal of Economic Geography 18 (2018): 823-853

What drives the legalization of immigrants? Evidence from IRCA” with Alessandra Casarico and Tommaso Frattini, Regional Science and Urban Economics 70 (2018): 258-273

Illegal immigration and media exposure: Evidence on individual attitudes” with Anna Maria Mayda and Riccardo Puglisi, IZA Journal of Development and Migration (2017) 7:14

Corruption and bicameral reforms” with Cecilia Testa, Social Choice and Welfare 47 (2016): 387-411

Export growth and factor market competition” with Julian Emami Namini and Ricardo A. Lopez, Canadian Journal of Economics  48 (2015): 1456-1480

Lobbying expenditure on migration: A descriptive analysis” with Anna Maria Mayda and Prachi Mishra, CES-Ifo Economic Studies 61 (2015): 560-604

Illegal immigration: Policy perspectives and challenges” with Alessandra Casarico and Tommaso Frattini, CES-Ifo Economic Studies 61 (2015): 673-700

The political economy of migration enforcement: domestic versus border control” with Cecilia Testa,  CES-Ifo Economic Studies 61 (2015): 701-721

Migration, friendship ties and cultural assimilation” with Eleonora Patacchini and Max Steinhardt, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117 (2015): 619-649

Policymakers’ horizon and economic reforms” with Paola Conconi and Maurizio Zanardi, Journal of International Economics 94 (2014): 102-118

Attracting skilled immigrants: An overview of recent policy developments in advanced countries” with Elisabetta Lodigiani, National Institute Economic Review 229 (2014):R3-R21

Export growth and firm survival” with Julian Emami Namini and Ricardo A. Lopez, Economics Letters120 (2013): 481-486

The Customs Union issue: Why do we observe so few of them?” with Peri Silva and Gerald Willmann, Journal of International Economics 90 (2013):136-147

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Hub and spoke free trade areas” with George Deltas and Klaus Desmet, Canadian Journal of Economics 45 (2012): 942-977

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Individual attitudes towards skilled migration: An empirical analysis across countries” with Anna Maria Mayda, The World Economy 35 (2012): 183-196

Do interest group affect US immigration policy?” with Anna Maria Mayda and Prachi Mishra, Journal of International Economics 85 (2011): 114-128 

What drives US immigration policy? Evidence from Congressional roll call votes” with Max Steinhardt, Journal of Public Economics 95 (2011): 734-743

Substitutability and protectionism: Latin America’s trade policy and imports from China and India” with Marcelo Olarreaga, Peri Silva and Gerald Willmann, World Bank Economic Review 24 (2010): 446-473

Who is against a common market?” with Cecilia Testa, Journal of the European Economic Association 7 (2009): 1068-1100

Does the welfare state affect individual attitudes towards immigrants? Evidence across countries” with Anna Maria Mayda, Review of Economics and Statistics 91 (2009): 291-314

Introduction” to the Symposium on “Contracts, Organization and Trade” with T. Verdier Economic Theory 38 (2009): 433-436

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From individual attitudes to immigration policy: Theory and Evidence” with Anna Maria Mayda, Economic Policy 56 (2008): 651-713

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Welfare Leakage and Immigration Policy” with Assaf Razin and Gerald Willmann, CES-Ifo Economic Studies 50 (2004): 627-645

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Book Chapters

Mind what your voters read: Media exposure and international economic policy making” (2020) with Tommaso Frattini and Cora Signorotto, forthcoming in in the World Scientific Encyclopedia of Global Migration, Robert M. Sauer (ed.) World Scientific Publishing Co.

"Population, migration, ageing and health: A survey” (2017) with C. Dustmann and C. Signorotto, page 113-158 in R. Blundell et al. (eds.) Economics Without Borders, Cambridge University Press

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“The battle for brains: How to attract talent” (2012) with Herbert Bruecker, Simone Bertoli, Anna Maria Mayda and Giovanni Peri in T. Boeri, H. Bruecker, F. Docquier and H. Rapoport (eds.) Brain gain and brain drain Oxford University Press, Oxford pp.15-207

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